Real World Examples

All of my training is based on real examples of how S1000D is and has been implemented. With over 20 years of supporting clients, I have some unique insight into how S1000D has worked and failed for many projects. Looking at S1000D from all angles, not only the theory.

100% Neutrality

The problem with the S1000D market is that it is heavily driven by the software vendors, which means that you are not always receiving the independent training that you need. As I am 100% independent you are safe in the knowledge that I have no hidden agenda in selling you software.

More Than Training

Training on its own is fine and of course necessary, but how S1000D works in your organisation and for your products, platforms and customers is just as important. This is why all of my training comes with additional time to sit and discuss S1000D in your organisation.


Take a look at the courses I offer and how you can learn with me.

Course Resources

S1000D for Technical Authors

Student access to the online learning resource and interactive exercises. Students have access to this resource for 12 months post training. If you have not received your login information, you should contact us for your account details.

Sample Certificate