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Learn more about Raytheon-EPS

Learn more about Raytheon-EPS

Welcome to S1000DWorld – more than a specification?

S1000D – just the simple mention of the ‘international’ specification for technical publications either sends shivers down the spine, cause the hardened professional to cower under their desk or turn technical publication departments into developers! I have seen all of these outcomes and many more!

I have seen many projects get S1000D simply wrong, from selecting the incorrect software through to not understanding the processes needed to get the specification right. This is why I developed S1000DWorld – real-life insight into the use of this ASD Specification. I want to be open and honest, what I have seen that has worked well through to what I have seen that has made me cringe. 

S1000D when used correctly and more importantly, appropriately, can deliver many long term project benefits but when used incorrectly it will cost a project way more in information management time than compared to a traditional technical publications process or approach.

I know, I have seen many projects make many mistakes and in the long run it either changed their career path or at the least cost them credibility within their organisations.

S1000Dworld is all about education, what have I learned along the way when supporting clients adopt, implement and deliver to an S1000D requirement.

This website is designed to take the specification and add a sprinkle of honesty and a dollop of real-life experience, something that is openly missing from the market.

I hope you enjoy S1000DWorld and am always happy to hear your views and opinions. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or follow any of our TDW social channels.

“Over the years I have worked with and supported clients adopt and implement the S1000D specification, what have I learned? Well I am going to share it with you on this S1000DWorld Blog channel.”

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