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I have developed some of the most comprehensive S1000D training courses that are 100% independent, based on real-life.


If you are looking to adopt and implement S1000D – there are many things that you need to get right. I am able to help you make the right decisions!

Advice and Guidance

Just want some quick advice and guidance? Then why not get in touch? If you have a question you can be sure someone else is asking it too!

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What my clients have said:

My passion for the adoption for and correct implementation of S1000D comes through on all of my training and consulting tasks - if you want to speak to any of my clients for a reference - just ask!

Tech Pubs Manager

Your XML and S1000D course was exceptionally well paced, passionately delivered and supported with loads of relevant and excellent examples and stories. Your delivery made for a fully enjoyable three days - Thank you for such a great few days!

Tech Pubs Manager

Defence Sector (UK)
Tech Pubs Manager

Congratulations on Technical Documentation World - you are showing much needed and real thought leadership in our domain.

Tech Pubs Manager

Global Consultancy
Senior Author

I won't lie to you Mike, I was dreading this S1000D for technical authors course! When I was told I will attend it did not fill me with excitement - you had my attention from the start right and until the end with your passion for this subject - thank you Mike

Senior Author

Global Defence (LUX)
S1000D Manager

I really like the way you train, you took the time to understand me, my team and our aspirations and requirements.

S1000D Manager

Tech Pubs Director

The knowledge and insight you brought to the table were invaluable for us to be able to make the right decisions for our projects and customers. You armed us with some fantastic questions that likely saved us a great deal of pain and trouble.

Tech Pubs Director

Global Aerospace Client
ILS Manager

Trying to find someone that is truly independent was tough - until we found TDW - unbiased and honest advice!

ILS Manager

Defence Sector