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S1000D – we know it, understand it and know where its strengths and weakness are hidden!

Welcome to S1000DWorld

S1000D, love it or hate it, for now is here to stay!. S1000D is the defacto specification in the aerospace and defence domains. That’s the genesis of this website  we’re removing the [deliberate] complexity and confusion around S1000D and making it understandable and accessible to those that need to use it.

S1000D when used correctly and appropriately can deliver many long term project benefits but when used incorrectly it will cost a project way more in information management time than compared to a traditional technical publications process or approach.

S1000Dworld is all about delivering you know-how and support based on experience.from starting out, to selecting software, to contracting for S1000D deliverable data the S1000D landscape is littered with the bodies of project managers and data deliveries that have just got it wrong. We’re here to help and best of all – we are 100% independent. We have no affiliation to one product, process or approach over another. if S1000D is not right for you, your project or your organisation we will tell you! We have no inherent interest in you working to a specification that is not designed to meet your technical information needs!

“S1000D is a reality of the aerospace, defence and space sector – we’re here to remove the complexity and help you succeed.”
-Michael Ingledew – Managing Director – TDW


We Listen

We listen to your, your challenges and your issues, we then advise based on YOU not on the THEORY.

We Think

We analyse and consider your needs, we don’t jump in and throw one liners at you!

We Create

Tutorials, articles, and educational content on your needs – chances are you’re not the only one with the same issue.

We Deliver

No nonsense, unbiased,real-life advice and guidance.

We Are Passionate

We’ve built a whole company on our successes, we’re in this because we love technical information.

We Are Creative

We are the only ones delivering to you creative, colourful content, technical information does not need to be dull.

We Are Friendly

We have been supporting projects like yours for ever! There is no such thing as a stupid question.

We Are Responsible

If you’re doing something that is incorrect, off-base or costly, we’ll tell you!



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